Advisement for your spring courses is here! Every student registered with a CASA Advisor is required to receive a PIN to register for their spring classes.

Step One: RSVP

Students are asked to RSVP to an advising session. You may RSVP through the enclosed LINK.

Advising Sessions typically last 25 minutes. However, they can last up to 45 minutes. Please plan accordinly.

Each student will meet with an advisor individually. Students receive their PIN during this meeting. When Registration opens, this PIN allows students to register for spring coursework.


Step Two: Prepare Your Schedule

Students are asked to complete the enclosed Planning DocumentPDF versionText only version prior to their meeting with CASA. A complete Planning Document must be presented to receive a PIN. A picture of this Planning Document is embedded below.

To assist with your planning, we recommend the Mines' Bulletin. The Bulletin outlines the required courses by major and notes prerequisites, corequisites, and what semesters particular classes are offered: Online Mines' Bulletin.

This link details each major discipline within the Bulletin: LINK.

This link details the Core and Distributed Core within the Bulletin: LINK. A general overview of the core can be found here: LINKPDF versionText only version.

Step Three: Attend Your Session

Once you've registered for an Advisement Session, please plan to attend! All students will be asked to check-in upon arrival.

All Advisement Sessions will be held in CASA, at the corner of 17th and Elm Streets. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please email CASA at

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