Many students lack the fundamental skills necessary to succeed at college. More often than not, this is at no fault of the student.

K-12 education varies dramatically in the preparedness provided to students. Accordingly, many students arrive at Mines needing some additional assistance.

To some degree, nearly all students at CSM need to work and reevaluate their academic skills.

Working with Our Office:

The CASA staff (Colin & Academic Advising Coordinators) work to individually support students by addressing their individual need(s). Often this coaching work includes

  • test-preparation techniques,
  • test-taking skills,
  • study guide development,
  • key concept identification,
  • test-anxiety,
  • memorization techniques,
  • note-taking rules,
  • and much more.

Many students work with Colin/Coordinators throughout the academic semester/year. In this capacity, the staff work to hold students accountable to their courseload.

Other students may choose to work with Colin/Coordinators on a particular concept or skillset. These meetings are more sporadic and limited in nature.

Is Coaching Right For You?

Our staff is more than happy to meet with anyone. The first meeting with Colin/Coordinators is an initial in-take. At that time, our staff and the student identify addressing issues or concerns. Further, they mutually agree upon a forward direction.

If you feel this service would be beneficial, please email Colin or your Academic Advising Coordinator - we look forward to meeting with you!

CASA Information