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This free service is an invaluable experience for first-year and upper-class students. Our tutors are proficient in all core classes and multiple upper level courses including Thermodynamics, Fluids, and more.

General tutoring is offered at Arthur Lakes Library (Main Level) and the iClub in the Student Center.

Many students choose to work on their homework while at the tutoring locations. They often meet other students working on the same assignment and they can always ask questions when a problem arises.

Our tutors are nice & approachable sophomore, junior, and senior level students who are happy to assist!

Click here for the popular Tutor/Facilitator Selector System. This makes it quick and easy to identify your best tutor and their work schedule, based on the class/subject where you seek assistance.

Apply To Be a Tutor

Students may apply to serve as a tutor by clicking the enclosed link.

CASA is proud to employ approximately 25 tutors each academic year. These students have proven to be role-models both academically and interpersonally at Mines. Our tutors work flexible schedules, assist fellow students, and are paid well for their work. This is not a federal-aid based position. Students must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • Minimum 3.4  Mines cumulative GPA
  • Shown proficiency in Calculus I, II, & III
  • Shown proficiency in Chemistry and Physics
  • Must be able to work 4 hours per week.
  • Must provide exceptional customer service and assistance
  • This is not a federal aid based position

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