Requesting Reasonable Accomodations at Colorado School of Mines

#1: Obtain Documentation From Provider(s):

In order for a student to be eligible for reasonable accommodations at the Colorado School of Mines, documentation must both establish a current disability and provide adequate information describing functional limitations in one or more major life activity.

Documentation must relate limited function to CSM structure of courses, laboratories, field courses, testing methods, program requirements, or housing options. Documentation must enable Disability Support Services to identify effective accommodations for a student to equitably access the campus environment. Documentation guidelines are detailed below, please choose appropriately...

Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderPDF versionText only version

Emotional Support AnimalPDF versionText only version 

HearingPDF versionText only version

Learning DisorderPDF versionText only version

Physical Disability/Systemic IllnessPDF versionText only version

Psychological/PsychiatricPDF versionText only version

VisionPDF versionText only version

#2: Request for Reasonable Accommodations Form:

Please complete the following form: FORM HYPERLINKED HEREPDF versionText only version

Please fill out the form, save, and email back to DSS from your Mines email address. Or, print and send with documentation.

#3: Submit Disability Support Services at Mines:

Submit via mail to the following address: 

W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center
Attn: Disability Support Services
1770 Elm Street
Golden, CO 80401

Or, submit via the following modes: 

Fax: 303-384-2009

#4: Please Allow up to Two Weeks for Review of Documentation:

DSS will communicate via Mines email account, and copy other email addresses, as appropriate. If, after two weeks, you've not heard from Disability Support Services or a request has changed, please reach out and contact us

To request this information in alternative format, please contact us.