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Testing Center

Students with Last Name A  -F: Your Academic Advisor is Amy Argyris Dupont. 
Tuesday, August 11th at 4pm (MST)
Thursday, August 13th at 5pm (MST)

Students with Last Name G - L: Your Academic Advisor is Jessica Keefer.
Monday, August 10th at 3pm (MST)
Tuesday, August 11th at 6pm (MST)

Students with Last Name M - R: Your Academic Advisor is Megan Harris. 
Wednesday, August 12th at 2pm (MST)
Thursday, August 13th at 4pom (MST)

Students with Last Name S - Z: Your Academic Advisor is Amanda Davis. 
Wednesday, August 12th at 3pm (MST)
Thursday, August 13th at 6pm (MST)

Transfer Students: Your Academic Advisor is Colin Terry 
Monday, August 10th at 4pm (MST) (Special Transfer-Oriented Presentation)
Tuesday, August 11th at 5pm (MST) (Special Transfer-Oriented Presentation)

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