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All incoming students are assigned an Academic Advising Coordinator in CASA. This Coordinator will advise students until they formally declare their major and transition to a faculty advisor.

Scroll below to meet your CASA Professional Advisor...

How Can My Advisor Help?

Your advisor can help with the following...

  • planning upcoming semester's courseload,
  • deciding a new major, minor, or Area of Special Interest,
  • assistance with transfer credit,
  • assistance with AP/IB credit,
  • individual assistance with coursework,
  • and much more...

But I'm Already Declared?

Students entering the university HAVE NOT declared a major. Any major noted within your Trailhead Account is merely an interest. Students are encouraged to explore each of the disciplines at Mines. 

This interest is helpful in properly planning your projected academic path. 

Students will complete a Declaration of Major Form with their academic advisor. Most students will complete this declaration half-way through their sophomore year. Your advisor will assist with this process. Students with many advanced credits or transfer credits may petition to declare early.

When Do I get a Faculty Academic Advisor?

When the time comes to formally declare, CASA will work to identify a new Faculty Advisor. 

How Do I Connect with My Advisor?

So easy! Email, walk-in, or call our office. And, be on the look-out! Your Advisor will plan evening, group advising sections.

How Do I Change my Classes in Trailhead? 

To change your classes in Trailhead please click here

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How Do I Receive my PIN to Register?

Students coded with a CASA advisor may have a Registration PIN. Those who have PINs will be proactively emailed by their Academic Advisor. Those who do not have PINs are still encouraged to connect with CASA and utilize their numerous advertised advising sessions. This PIN is obtained via your Academic Advisor.

Contact your CASA Advisor or the GENERAL CASA inbox with the below form...

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