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Fall schedules will be available to view and edit after August 1st.

To edit your schedule please use this HOW TO CHANGE SCHEDULE GUIDE

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Please note:  Classes are full and you may not be able to make changes to your schedule.

If you would like to make any changes to your schedule, please email  


CASA Webinars

Curious about academic advising and academic services provided by CASA. Watch a recording of our new student welcome webinar.


Through advising, academic support, and programming
CASA is your home for anything Academics! 


All incoming students are assigned an Academic Advising Coordinator in CASA. This Coordinator will advise students until they formally declare their major and transition to a faculty advisor (usually around their Second Year). 

An Academic Advising Coordinator can help you with the following...

  • planning upcoming semester's course load, based on selected intended major.
  • deciding a new major, minor, or Area of Special Interest,
  • assistance with transfer credit,
  • assistance with AP/IB credit,
  • individual assistance with coursework,
  • and much more...

CASA Academic Advising Coordinators are here to help when deciding and exploring major. 

For more information about majors offered at Colorado School of Mines, please click here.

Advising Process

The spring/summer before your first semester you are invited to attend Mines' Launch Program.  During Launch you will be able to chat with an advisor and talk about preferred classes for your fall Schedule. 

Fall schedules will be built by the registrar office in July once AP scores are released by the college board. If you would like to make any changes to your major area of interest or preferred classes please email contact CASA.  

Schedules will be frozen until all students have a schedule built.  After all schedules are completed students will be able to access their schedules using trailhead. Click here

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to learn more about changing schedules. 

Each semester you will work with CASA to plan your schedule for the following semester, including summer courses.  After you have completed your core curriculum courses and your CASA advisor feel is it appropriate, you will be invited to declare your major and move on to a faculty advisor within the major of your selection.  The declaration process usually occurs during the second year. 


Watch the CASA Overview and Advising Presentation from Launch

View the CASA Launch Pre-Advising Worksheet

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Resources & Videos

Help me...Choose a Major!

Did you know the vast majority of Mines students change their major choice at least once, and sometimes multiple times? It's important to learn as much as you can about all the degree options so as to make an informed decision. The above link will assist with this process!

Help me...Understand the Core Curriculum Options with a Virtual Advisor!

The Virtual Advisor is an online tool to assist with understanding the Core Curriculum. This tool will NOT register you, but it will allow you to project multiple different course options. 

Help me...Figure out my AP/IB Credit!

Official AP scores must be received before any credit can be granted.  Information on how to send your scores is located on the CollegeBoard website.

For more information about accepted AP/IB credit please visit our AP/IB website

Video on...The Core Curriculum:

Core Curriculum from CASA Mines on Vimeo.

Video on...How to Use the Catalog:

Using the Catalog - Spring 2016 from CASA Mines on Vimeo.

Video on..Mines Academic Services

Mines Academic Services from CASA Mines on Vimeo.

Video on..Changing Schedule by Using Geode/Trailhead 

Using GEODE and Registering for Classes from CASA Mines on Vimeo.

FAQs & Staff & Contact

Business Hours
Monday - Friday :: 8am -5pm

Study Hall Hours
Monday - Sunday :: 6:30am - 2:00am

Summer Hours
Monday - Friday :: 8am - 5pm

1225 17th Street
Golden, CO 80401

Want to Contact CASA Directly? Click here...

For more information, please visit our Advising FAQ page


Important Core Courses Updates

Engineering Grand Challenges Themed Learning Community. As resident in the Engineering Grand Challenges Themed Learning Community, you will be enrolled in a special course that combines two required courses (EPICS and NHV) into a holistic view of how we can approach and solve some of the largest problems of our time.  

CSM191 and 192, called “Engineering Grand Challenges: Solving Big Problems,” is a 7-credit-hour, 2-course sequence that starts in the fall and finishes in the spring.  The course integrates the development of professional skills such as the design process, open-ended technical problem solving, teamwork, and hands-on learning, with the exploration of critical questions concerning social and cultural issues, nature, and human values. This course examines issues related to the ethics of engineering design, the global impact of engineering, and the potential quality of life afforded through technology. 

Fine print: The course sequence must be taken in its entirety (3.5 credit hours each semester) to count for both EPICS and NHV.  This course sequence qualifies as a component towards the Grand Challenges Scholars Program.   

EPICS151 teaches students how to solve open-ended problems in a hands-on manner using critical thinking and workplace skills.  Please watching these two Epics videos to understand more about the Epics courses.  

Welcome to Epics
Epics 151 Introduction


The First Year Honors Experience offers a gateway into the McBride Honors Program. It prepares students for success in McBride, in their major coursework, and beyond. For more information please click here.


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