Advisement for your summer and fall courses is here! Every student registered with a CASA Advisor is required to receive a PIN to register for their summer & fall classes. 

Schedule Your Advisement Time

Students are asked to RSVP for a particular Advising Session. You may RSVP through the enclosed link (to be posted soon). Advising Sessions will be approximately 15-30 minutes in length. Students are encouraged to arrive with a list of potential classes. The advisors will review this list and confirm a set schedule by the end of hte sessions. 

Helpful Resources

As a support to you, we've compiled some helpful resources. Please note them below:

Meet Your Academic Advisor

The Core Curriculum OverviewPDF versionText only version

Core Curriculum Requirements and H&SS Requirements (LAIS)

Online Bulletin

Bulletin by Discipline & Major

CASA Information