While entitled to test accommodations, students may or may not choose to request such accommodations.

It is the responsibility of both the student and the faculty member to collaboratively discuss and confirm examination plans. Students are encouraged to proactively communicate with their faculty member(s). This should happen at least one week before the exam. 

In the instance that (a) an instructor chooses to schedule the Testing Center or (b) a student individually requests as such, faculty are asked to complete the Testing Center Request Form found at the following LINK.

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Day of Exam

All tests administered through the Testing Center are held in Stratton Hall 109 (#64 on the campus map, to the North of the QuadPDF versionText only version) -- unless otherwise confirmed through MTC staff or faculty.

Students should arrive at least 15 minutes before their planned examination time. 

Students may confirm their planned examination time & date with the Testing Center Coordinator by emailing: testingcenter@mines.edu

Request Exam in Testing Center:

Students may or may not choose to use the Testing Center. If a student would like to take an exam in the Testing Center, it is the student's responsibility to request such accommodations with their professor. To assist, we've created this helpful form...

Students who wish to coordinate use the Testing Center may complete the following form. The information provided within this form will be sent to the professor.

  • This form DOES NOT guarantee use of the Testing Center. This form DOES NOT schedule a test to be adminstered in the Testing Center. 
  • This form DOES notify the professor of your desire to utilize the Testing Center. View this form as a "conversation starter" with your instructor. If you and instructor mutually agree to use the Testing Center, the faculty member will then formally schedule a test within the Testing Center

Jackie Stone is the Mines Testing Center Coordinator. Please contact with any questions or concerns: jstone1@mines.edu

Student Request for Testing Center
* My (Student) First Name:
* My (Student) Last Name:
* My (Student) Mines Email Address:

* Class Title:
Class Section (if known):
* Professor/Instructor Last Name:
* Professor/Instructor Email Address:

* I would like to request the use of the Mines Testing Center for the examination currently planned for the following date:

I acknowledge...
* This form merely informs the professor of my desire to use the Testing Center.
* I will follow up with the instructor to confirm exam details.
* This form does not guarantee use of the Testing Center. Only the instructor may formally schedule the Testing Center.

* required